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Sep 19, 2018

The fall of Lehman Brothers bank in September 2008 was the defining moment of the 07/08 financial crisis. To commemorate the 10 years since their demise, Tariq sat down with left-wing economists Ann Pettifor and Grace Blakeley, to provide an alternative to the dominant narrative of the crash and its aftermath.


Sep 7, 2018

Back in 2016 Tariq Ali spoke to the award winning Journalist and Filmmaker John Pilger about the state of the world. They discussed the pivot to Asia the resulting military escalation in the region, and Australia being a vassal state.

Aug 21, 2018

Tariq spoke to Arundhati Roy in December 2014 about the state of Indian politics, six-months into the reign of current PM Narendra Modi. They discussed Modi's neoliberal reforms, inequality, the caste-system, and the newly formed anti-corruption movement.

Aug 15, 2018

Socialism has been a dirty word in the United States’ politics since time immemorial. However, a new generation of politicians and activists, emboldened by Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, are willing to call themselves Democratic Socialists. Tariq spoke to one of these activists, Jeremy Gong, of...

Aug 10, 2018

This week Tariq speaks to New York University scholar Ella Shohat about the history of Jewish people in the Middle East and North Africa, using her Baghdadi heritage as a starting point. Ella tackles the dominant, Western narrative on Jewishness, asserting that Jewish history, culture and opinion aren’t monolithic....